Falcons vs. Dolphins

Taking in the first preseason game from the couch instead of the Dome.   Typically, the preseason is a snooze fest, but we are really wanting to watch how much the Offensive Line is improved, has the Defense improved, and  what about the new faces?  Right off the bat, we get to see the Defense […]

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Atlanta Falcons: Tales From Training Camp

The buzz word around the Atlanta falcons this off season has been ‘Toughness’, the reason? The Falcons want to get tougher and nastier in the trenches, something that was highlighted during last year’s 4-12 season but in reality has been a long term issue.  If there was a word to avoid this off season and […]

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Claude Humphrey NFL Hall of Fame

Huge congratulations for Claude Humphrey! Being inducted into the 2014 NFL Hall of Fame Class. Now let’s get more Falcons in like Kenn, Tuggle, etc.

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Roddy White Falcon for life

This morning the Atlanta Falcons and Roddy White have agreed to a Four Year extension, numbers yet to be reported. This is a must move as Roddy White will now be a career Falcon and go down as the greatest receiver in the franchise’s history (granted Julio is on his heels) . Hopefully, this contract […]

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Falcons add Angerer

The Atlanta Falcons have added Pat Angerer to the defense per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. This is a great signing for the Falcons to add veteran depth at LB. Angerer is out of Iowa and was drafted by the Colts. More to come as details are released.

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Atlanta Falcons schedule issue no one is talking about

No one in the local media or national media is discussing the Falcons schedule that will keep them out of the Dome for a whole month. Starting with the London game the Falcons will not see a home game till the Browns until the end of November. Lions in London, then we go to Carolina […]

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Falcons Power Ranking July Edition

So, the mothership over at the four letter network released it’s way to early NFL Power Rankings. These are way too early, but another way to look at where our team stacks up against the rest and how we look from last year. So, let’s review: ESPN has our Atlanta Falcons ranked 15th. WHAT!?! Only […]

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Falcons Training Camp Opening Soon – What to watch?

All of the pundits will try to out think their coverage of position battles over the next few weeks. This will not be a time for a darkhorse player to appear, but rather a time to gel. The most interesting position(s) on the field will be the offensive line. Aside from Jake Matthews we want […]

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Falcons could make a run at Andre Johnson

The Falcons could make a run at Andre Johnson and use Roddy White as tradebait.  The thought is couple Julio with a better receiver and provide Matt Ryan with the best WR tandem in the NFL.  Why it won’t happen?  I doubt Tom Brady will let a number one WR sit out there without trying […]

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